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The 6Ts/Northern Soul Boat is on Saturday 3rd October 2015

Great Music

2 bars – one per deck

Top DJ's

Great views of London

Brilliant atmosphere

Great Food onboard

The Golden Jubilee leaves Temple Pier 7pm please arrive early.
Boat docks at Midnight.

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Northern Soul Boat London

We’ve been doing it since ’79 and we’re STILL going!
We’re celebrating our anniversary with TWO great events.

First the allnighter at where else – the 100 Club on Saturday 26th September 10pm – 6am and the 6Ts Northern Soul Boat – cruising from Temple Pier on Saturday 3rd October 2015 7pm – 12 midnight.

Welcome to you all, we have combined our love of the music - the BEST music in the World with great friends, and great views on the River Thames - a fantastic combination!

Come and celebrate our 6Ts anniversary on the Northern Soul Boat, with us, the first boat since the 1980’s!

Buy your tickets now. It could not be easier! Simply click on the purple panel on the left of the home page highlighted “Click here to buy ticket - £23”. And then on the tickets page select how many tickets you want. If the exact number of tickets you want is not available simply select a combination.
Ticket prices are £22 + website £1 booking fee. 
Your ticket(s) will be posted out to you, soon after your purchase - in good time for the night in October. 

The Boat is the Golden Jubilee a fantastic boat, that has been delivering soul parties for many many years, we’re sure it will be a Northern Soul Boat favourite.

 The address is Temple Pier, Victoria Embankment, London WC2R 2PN

 The Nearest Tube is Temple on the District or Circle lines, with easy connections from all mainline stations in London.

 If you’re driving, parking is easy and parking bays are free on Sunday afternoons. You can also park on adjoining single yellow lines, so parking really is easy.

 There are also a huge number of buses along Fleet St, The Strand. Kingsway and surrounding well known road’s all very close to Temple Pier.

 Here are a few details on our anniversary last year in September 2014 at the 100 Club.

It says it all!

Huge Thanks to Geoffrey Green for this fabulous independent review. We have not changed ANY of it!

All three of our DJ’s on the boat played at the last anniversary.

See you at the 100 Club AND the 6Ts NorthernSoulBoat!

Surely a world record? The 35th anniversary of the 6Ts Rhythm and Soul Society must surely make it the longest running soul club in the world. And for most of that time its home has been the 100 Club. So to celebrate this feat we travelled to Oxford Street to a little basement club that means so much to so many people.

For me there is always a special kind of anticipation about an allnighter. Different from a soul night, more intense maybe, a matter of opinion. As someone who was off the soul scene for many years and didn’t do nighters initially on my return for domestic reasons I do think they’re special. We’re enjoying ourselves while most people are tucked up in bed. Allnighters have been a part of soul music since the early days of the Mods; who’d have thought that we’d still be doing them now. Did that occur to those attending the Casino, certainly didn’t occur to me at the Scene and Discotheque?

Anyway enough philosophising. I think last night’s anniversary was one of the best 100 Club nights I’ve attended. The atmosphere was terrific, everyone was up for a good time. And there were people from all over the country and abroad. I suppose it helped that the O’Jays were on at the O2 in London the previous night but I’m sure most would have attended anyway.

For myself I got there at about 10.15, surprised to find Trickster taking the tickets and handing out the anniversary records. Good to see him back. I went downstairs and changed my shoes and put my bag at the back of the stage. Keith Money, one of our regular DJs, was starting off proceedings, serenading us as we went in.

Ady took over from Keith, playing mainly well known records. His playing of the Marvellows’ Your Little Sister eased me in nicely, not too fast, easy pace to dance to.

Roger Stewart was next playing oldies but not the usual suspects, a nice selection. And that was the pattern with oldies that were played during the night, the DJs got away from some of the tried and tested, never a bad thing in my opinion. By this time the dance floor was busy, and it stayed that way all night.

Mick Smith followed Roger, played a few 70s tracks including Little Major Williams’ Girl You’re So Sweet and Moving On A Groove by Barbara Lynn. Later he played Wrapped Around Your Finger, one I do like a lot, but as chance would have it I was in the toilet, oh so typical.

Butch was on next, and he played quite a few of his most popular tunes: Joseph Webster, Chuck Jackson cover up, Just Can’t Leave You (Perfections), Don’t Be So Jive, So Much Love plus a couple I was unfamiliar with. His set left me gasping for breath.

Again it was Keith’s turn, plenty of 100 Club favourites including Someday The Sun Will Shine, She Doesn’t Love Me, etc.

For the second time Ady followed Keith, playing some of the 100 Club anniversary records plus things like the Demures and Nancy Wilcox. During his set he stopped the music to make an announcement. Sharon, who takes the money when you go in was retiring from this job which she’d done for several years, I didn’t hear how many. She was presented with a gift when she came on stage. Sharon has always done a good job in my experience, no doubt sometimes it can be tricky dealing with people who want to come in but you’d rather they didn’t. I hope she doesn’t stop coming to the nighters though, she’d be missed by her friends.

Then it was Mick again, more good oldies that kept the dancers very happy.

For his second set Butch included quite a few records that were new to me at least plus old favourites like Love’s Alright, Man Of My Word, Takes Me Away (who sings that one?), and I Wanna Know, one of my favourite records.

Mick took over for his final set, then Keith did his last one too. All the time the floor was heaving. In fact it wasn’t easy to cross from one side to the other, so many were dancing.

As usual Ady did the last set, starting off with Tommy Navarro’s I Cried My Life Away acknowledging the influence of the Top Of The World at Stafford. And suddenly there were only three records to go: Barbara Lynn’s This Is The Thanks I Get, Carla Thomas’ I’ll Never Stop Loving You and finally the Four Tops’ Baby I Need Your Loving. And the club was still full, a tribute to an excellent night.

The lights came on, That’s What Mama Say by Walter Jackson played, and I gathered up my back and jacket, and made a quick departure, I needed to get to King’s Cross to get the 6.43, and was home by 7.30.

While the night is undoubtedly about the music, seeing friends is important too. It was great to see friends from all over the country and chat to them. I chatted so much that I ended up with a sore throat and my voice was hoarse, hope I wasn’t too boring.

As I said at the start a 35th anniversary is something to be proud of, especially considering that many clubs only have a fairly short life. So Ady and co are doing something right aren’t they? Congratulations, and I’m sure we all look forward to many more. Thanks to everyone concerned, it was a great night with great music and great people.


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